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About MJS Services

Since 1985 MJS have also been a specialist manual gearbox reconditionists, and re-builders of car and light commercial gearboxes. We keep alot of units in stock and other units can be built in a couple of days. For less common units we will rebuild the customers original, even if there is casing damage. The timeframe for this is similar to the above providing we have the available parts. We also offer a full fitting service for gearboxes and clutches.

In 1992 all vehicles had to be fitted with catalytic converters, and back in 1987 fuel injection has become common in most everyday cars and now all brand new cars have fuel injection of some kind.

This enabled us to progress and specialise in fuel injection systems and due to this we are the leading fuel injection and engine management diagnostic centre in the area. Thanks to the reputation we have built up with local dealers we do alot of fuel injection and gearbox work on alot of there cars as well as alot of work for the general public.

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